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These prices for for USA ONLY. If you are outside USA email me and will give you the cost, email otrnetwork@gmail.com


XStream Platinum XS3  is not only a Smart TV box that allows you to watch UNLIMITED, Movies, all season/episodes of TV shows, live College /Pro Football, MMA/UFC, boxing, NBA games, NHL games, soccer, foreign soccer, ALL sports and much more in HD! But, it is the best Android Smart TV Box on the market. There are many out there but none provides the entertainment experience that our product does!  You can watch movies in the theaters, movies that haven't been released  on DVD/blue-ray yet, Classic movies from the 1930s to today, Movie box sets and much more! You can also watch foreign movies, tv shows, and live television. All you need is Internet and a TV. The XStream Platinum Smart TV Box in the only one on the market that provides our patented  intergraded menu with everything at your finger tips for ease of use. Check out our site: http://xstreamplatinumsales.com 

We suggest that you take our Internet Speed Test. For the  optimum viewing experience it is suggested that your download speed about 12 Mbps, Take Speed Test http://www.speedtest.net
Xstream Platinum  XS3 is designed to make everything easy to use. The customized menu allows the user to easily navigate to what they want to view. It's so easy that even someone with no computer knowledge can use it!  New content automatically gets updated. And you get free lifetime tech support.
See Channels for screen shots of this TV box. Please take the time to watch the Tutorial videos which will give you valuable information.

The XS3 Android TV Box  comes with an HD input, AV input (3 different color wires, if you don't have HD compatible TV), WiFi and Bluetooth ready, HD chord, and power chord. It also has 4 USB slots so you can plug in external hard drives to use them to view videos or pictures right on your TV! Last but not least, it comes with a instruction/cheat sheet that explains what many add-ons do and how to troubleshoot/set up your box!
    If you have purchased Collections, no worry, they plug into the box and you can watch you vintage content. But, don't forget unlimited TV, Movies, Sports, and Family Content, UNLIMITED FREE

Football Season is Here, and with XStream Platinum you get everything. Stop paying

the cable or dish networks. Get XStream Platinum Media Center Today

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Old Time Radio Collection was $91.49 NOW $82.49 4 Drives Left

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   One 1TB Drive Left  Your Choice Westerns Collectio or                              Scifi/HorrorCollection                                                                          

Westerns Collection was $129.49 NOW $119.49

Available on a 1TB External Hard Drive, 99 TV Westerns,  647 Movies, 15 Serials,

20 Radio Shows, and Miscellaneous Animations This is truly the largest collection of its kind.  

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Sci-Fi/Horror Collection was $149.49 NOW $119.49

1TB External Hard Drive. This collection consists of over 850+Movies, over 200+TV Shows,  Cartoons/Animation, Old Time Radio Scifi/Horror Shows and Serials. This is the only collection of its kind to be found anywhere in the world. This collection is only $119.49   Click Here to see what is in this collection. 

Cartoons , TV Movies , Serials



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 *no refund or returns is a policy enacted due to some unscrupulous individuals. The content on the drives is not protected, thus a few individuals purchased, copied the content then wanted a refund.  Our products exceed in quality and quantity as well a fair price. Of Course, if there is a problem with the drive it will be replaced. Will not replace after 1 week of delivery.